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You purchase your own return ticket to Laos

Meeting Point: at XXXX Hotel in Muang Xai, northern Laos, at 4 pm

Buddhism in theory: a temple, monks, transport to Long Ya village

Among the Lahu: families and homes, leaders, political ideologies

Economy: agriculture & fisheries, rice, tobacco & alcohol production

Buddhism in practice: worldview, philosophy and beliefs, daily rituals

Nursery, Primary School, plans and possibilities, teachers, students

Trekking to a Hmong village high in the mountains (5 h), incl. breaks

Family visit, leaders, animism and spirits, opium fields and medicine

Back to the Lahu people in the valley (3½ h trek), relaxing, ♂ / ♀ talk

Following people in their daily work, like in farming, cooking or crafts

Visiting a hydro project in Long Ya Village, transport to Muang Xai

Two options: Extending the trip on an individual basis or flying home
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