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You purchase your own return ticket to Namibia

Meeting Point: at XXX Hotel near XXX church in Windhoek, at 4 pm

The National Museum, family visit, traveling up north to Oshakati

Reaching Opuwo around noon, shopping, Himba and Herero market

Settling in the Himba village: society, leaders, families, cattle & crops

Body culture: colours, creams, textiles, tools, weapon, hair, symbols

Men and women’s division of labour, animals, crops and economy

Worldview, philosophy & belief: witchcraft, magic, ancestor worship
♂ / ♀ talk with the Himba, afternoon: visit a neighbour Herero village

Following people in their daily work, like in farming, cooking or crafts 
Driving through breathtaking landscapes, geology, reaching Sesriem

Sossusvlei Dessert Safari, dunes, Oryx oxen, transport to Windhoek

Two options: Extending the trip on an individual basis or flying home          
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