New Guinea

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You purchase your own return ticket to New Guinea

Meeting Point: at XXXXXX Hotel in Wamena, Baliem Valley, at 4 pm

Visiting people with an old mummy preserved, prepare our trekking

Trekking half the way, crossing rivers and mountains through forests

Trekking the rest of the way to our Dani village, families, leadership

Agriculture and animals: Fields and farmers, symbolic value of pigs

Worldview, philosophy and beliefs: Magic, ancestors and Christians

Tradition and modernity: between penis protectors and solar energy

Trekking to a further away village, focus on geology, flora and fauna

Back to basecamp with the Dani, fire technics, stoneoven, ♂ / ♀ talk

Following people in their daily work, like in farming, cooking or crafts

Trekking to Wamena in half a day, local market in Baliem Valley

Two options: Extending the trip on an individual basis or flying home
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  1. Day 1
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  1. Day 4
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  1. Day 7
  2. Day 8
  3. Day 9
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  1. Day 10
  2. Day 11
  3. Day 12
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