If you intend to take part in our excursions, we provide language courses in …

  • Spanish & Portuguese                  

  • Swahili & Masai                              

  • Herero & Himba                           

  • Lahu & Hmong      
  • Indonesian & Pidgin
Language courses

We provide beginners courses for those who want to learn to great, shop and get along with a few words, and advanced courses for those who want to learn the languages more deeply.

If you intend to visit the places in another context than our excursions, you are still welcome to contact us and require about space on our language classes.


We have interpreters in Brazil, Tanzania, Namibia, Laos and New Guinea, who help with communication during our ex-cursions.

As well we do translation for companies who deal with countries in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

You are welcome to contact us for further information on languages.