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You purchase your own return ticket to Tanzania

Meeting Point: at Snow View Hotel, at 4 pm, near Kilimanjaro Airport

Rundugai village: fields, farmers, market, economy, leaders, politics

White & black magic, family/home visits, hospital project, ♂ / ♀ talk

Worldview, philosophy and beliefs: church, mosque, priest & mullah

Among the masai, nomadism, cattle, crops, age groups, ceremonies

Trekking on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro, villages, rivers, forests

Shops and crafts, spirit dancers, music, re-visiting the masai people

Nursery, primary school, future dreams, handicap school, orphanage

Following people in their daily work, like in farming, cooking or crafts

Transport to the safari camp (5 h), Cradle of Mankind: Olduvai Gorge

Safari in Ngorongoro: lions, zebras, elephants, rhinos, monkeys, etc.

Two options: Extending the trip on an individual basis or flying home                      
  1. Dag 1
  2. Dag 2
  3. Dag 3
Vi mødes på Snow View Hotel kl. 16.00 i Boma nær Kilimanjaro
Rundugai landsby, marker, landbrug, marked, økonomi, ledere, politik
Hvid og sort magi, familiebesøg, hospitals-projekt, mand/kvindesnak
  1. Dag 4
  2. Dag 5
  3. Dag 6
Verdensopfattelse, filosofi, tro: kirke, moské, præst, mullah   

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  1. Dag 7
  2. Dag 8
  3. Dag 9
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  1. Dag 10
  2. Dag 11
  3. Dag 12
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