As a University group, High School Class or others you can rent our facilities for a week or more.

We can help you to make a programme according to your interests, like …

  • A particular study project

  • An overall introduction to the village

  • Development work

We provide interpreters and practical staff.

We also offer intro courses from back home where you learn about the culture, society and Swahili.


Feel free to rent a room as an individual or as a family at our house in Rundugai. 

If there are other guests, you will eat your meals together.

We help with...

Ideas, programmes, contacts, interpreters, cooks, cleaners and other practical staff.

A quiet and affordable place:

Use our facilities as a base for trips around East Africa and as an undisturbed place for relaxation and studies


Teach, learn from - and play with local musicians 


Get inspiration from African dances and songs

Join an African quire

Bring your own guests from abroad and arrange sing and songwriter courses

Give concerts to the villagers in churches, at schools and other places

Built your own instruments


Teach, learn from - and exchange ideas with local artists




Mats and baskets

Carvings etc.

Find inspirations and motives in nature, in tribal faces, textiles and architecture


Teach and train

Join local teams in soccer, volley and other games

Develop workout programs based on the facilities in the village

Inspire the villagers with new games and competitions like ringo, par cour and others.

Enjoy the surroundings on bike or find a jogging route from village to village

Hike on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru or climb all the way to the top